History of Media Tech Complete – Smartphone Processor Manufacturer

History of Media Tech Complete - Smartphone Processor Manufacturer

Media Tech is a company that produces and sells wireless communication devices with on chip systems that are widely used on Chinese-made phones and tablets, including Lenovo.

History of Media Tech Complete The Media Tech company was founded on 28 May 1997 and is based in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.

His offices are spread across countries around the world including China, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Britain, America and Sweden.

In addition to Taiwan’s largest chip maker, Media Tech also produces multimedia-related items. The company is a market leader in SoC or commonly called System on Chip, optical storage devices, DVDs, high definition digital tvs, GPS and Blue Ray.

Media Tech is currently intensively launching processor chips for smartphones and tablets in the middle to lower class. In addition to the many types of processors that are owned, the price is also affordable.

Media Tech company actually not only produce chips, and goods related to multimedia alone but also more produces various types of mobile phones at affordable prices. Of the many production produced by Media Tech which is generally famous for the affordable price, all of them also participate in order to reduce production costs. In the country of China Media Tech is platform itself known as MAUI.

This time Media Tech company launched its newest product called Media Tech MT6589 where Media Tech MT6589 is a quad core chip based on ARM Cortex-A7 design that provides and facilitates 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPSS, FM radio and HSPA network as well has an LTE model.

In accordance with the demands of the Asian market especially China, Media Tech MT6589 is the first HSPA smartphone platform and supports dual-SIM mode, dual-active on the phone.

In addition, MT6589 has many advantages and interesting features. The MT6589 also supports 1080p 30fps / 30fps video playback as well as recording, a 13-megapixel camera with ISP integration, and supports LCD up to FULLHD resolution, as well as enhanced picture processing for DTV-grade image quality. For additional features MT6589 supports Media Tech Cool 3D suite, which can showcase 3 Dimensional stereo camera and display, real-time 2 Dimension-to-3 Dimensional conversion and optimal 3D user interface.

In addition to launching MT6589, in 2014 this Media Tech will also release a chipset where this chipset is claimed by Media Tech as the smallest chipset in the world. This chipset is dedicated to wearable devices (watches, smart glasses and so on) that predicted the market will explode in 2014. Hopefully reviews on Media Tech history above can be useful for you in need

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