Month: February 2021

What are the cons of using free web hosting services?

These days, it is almost impossible to count the number of companies that provide a free web hosting service. Most internet big names first started using free hosting services before they upgraded. Despite the possibilities of free web hosting services provider, you cannot ignore the disadvantages.

This is why you should not only go for a paid web hosting service, but you should patronize web hosting services, internet providers and US shops that can provide you with quality products and services at affordable prices. For this reason, you should always read US shops reviews and compare US internet providers services through reviews before settling down for any. Some of the cons of using free web hosting services are discussed below.

You cant monetize a free website

Hosting companies don’t allow free users to make money from their websites, which explains why they stick ads in the premium spaces and at the top. This is not only frustrating but one of those ads can be your competitor’s. Besides, some hosting service providers usually sell free website addresses to spammers and without your permission, these spammers spam your websites with trashy content. Before you know it, you are already part of a link farm.

Many limitations

Besides that you cant monetize the website, there are other limitations. The disk space is limited so you can’t upload too many videos or photos. You cannot expand your website or increase the number of pages. The bandwidth limitations are strict and once you flout … Read More